What does it mean to master something?

Does having done the same job for several years actually mean that you are good at it? I would say the answer to that question is no. Mastering something involves continually learning and becoming better at your craft, and pushing the boundaries with your understanding. 

I pride myself on actually knowing my craft. So what does that mean exactly? Well I’m glad you asked! I make a point to learn something new each day, and practice my skills with challenges… whether that be with a person, project, or task. Below are a few of my accolades, demonstrating just what is that I know.​

Understanding Content Management is where it all starts

While my first choice is usually WordPress, I am Drupal 8 certified.

Knowing UX is more that reading books...

I am proud to call myself a practitioner. Using the right tool for the right job takes practice and a genuine understanding. I don't claim to be an expert, no instead I am certified in my competencies.

Knowing your Audience

With any usablity you first need to understand your audience. I take this very seriously, enough to become certifed.

International Association of Accessibility Professionals

A website is not usable if it's not Accessible

Truly usable websites are accessible to all.